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Sensitivity: Understanding Causes & Purpose

Sensitive skin is a common concern, making product selection challenging for those affected. Choosing suitable skincare and makeup products is crucial for managing sensitivity.

Expert Advice

Individual skin types vary, so what works for one person may not work for another. Start by eliminating potential irritants like makeup, harsh soaps, and fragrances. Gradually reintroduce products to gauge your skin’s sensitivity level.

Care & Restore

Managing sensitive skin requires a gentle approach. Use mild bath soaps and shower with warm water to avoid irritation. Opt for simplicity in skincare products and avoid abrasive tools like washcloths or loofahs.


While the exact causes of sensitive skin are elusive, there’s a wide range of products and treatments available to alleviate discomfort. Look for specially formulated skincare and makeup products designed for sensitive skin. Additionally, consider using essential oils as a fragrance alternative to maintain a pleasant scent without irritation.

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