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Introducing the MARVELOUS 24K GOLD Skincare Revolution System by Empire Tech, a groundbreaking non-invasive skincare device that integrates hot and cold therapy with LED light technology. Utilizing the ancient benefits of gold and modern innovation, this system addresses various skin concerns including spots, blackheads, wrinkles, acne, and more. Achieve firm, radiant, and youthful skin with ease.

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Adore Estero in Estero, Florida is excited to present the MARVELOUS 24K GOLD Skincare Revolution System, a sophisticated skincare device that marries the timeless luxury of gold with cutting-edge technology. This system is designed to tackle a wide range of skin issues, ensuring your skin looks and feels its best.

Key Functions and Benefits:

Gold in Skincare:

Gold has been treasured for its skincare benefits by the Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians. Here are the top benefits:

  1. Reduces Spots and Blackheads: Gold helps in the reduction of blemishes and blackheads, giving you clear skin.
  2. Minimizes Swelling Edema: Especially effective around the eyes, reducing puffiness.
  3. Treats Acne and Breakouts: Gold has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne and promote healing.
  4. Reduces Wrinkles and Scars: Helps in smoothing out wrinkles and fading scars.
  5. Slows Aging: Improves skin metabolism and nutrient absorption, keeping your skin youthful.

Hot and Cold Beauty Principle:

A Japanese study has shown that at 42°C, skin produces HSP proteins, repairing skin cells and enhancing elasticity. The MARVELOUS system uses a 42°C hot mode to expand pores for deep cleaning, while the cold mode at 8°C tightens pores and locks in moisture.

  • Hot Massage (42°C):
    • Relaxation: Relaxes muscles and relieves pain.
    • Enhanced Blood Circulation: Opens pores for better absorption of skincare products.
    • Deep Cleaning: Removes toxins, blackheads, and dirt.
  • Cold Massage (8°C):
    • Skin Firmness: Maintains skin flexibility and reduces wrinkles.
    • Pore Shrinking: Tightens pores and locks in moisture.
    • Soothing: Relieves skin fatigue and reduces redness and acne recurrence.

LED Light Therapy:

  • Red Light (625±3nm): Promotes collagen production, reduces wrinkles, and repairs skin.
  • Blue Light (465±3nm): Kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces scars.
  • Green Light (525±3nm): Calms and balances skin, reducing edema.
  • Yellow Light (592±3nm): Suitable for sensitive skin, soothes and strengthens skin immunity.

Microwave Soothing Massage:

  • Deep Cleansing: Removes cosmetic residues, blackheads, and acne.
  • Anti-Aging: Reduces wrinkles and tightens skin, improving texture and tone.


  1. Cleanse: Clean your face and neck.
  2. Charge: Ensure the device is fully charged using the included USB cable or adapter.
  3. Test: Perform a test on your wrist before full use.

Treatment Routine:

  • Twice a Week – Red and Blue Light:
    1. Clean: Clean neck and face.
    2. Apply Serum: Apply serum to face and neck.
    3. Neck Treatment:
      • Red LED + Hot + Vibration for 2 minutes.
      • Red LED + Cold + Vibration for 2 minutes.
    4. Face Treatment:
      • Blue LED + Hot + Vibration for 2 minutes.
      • Blue LED + Cold + Vibration for 2 minutes.
    5. Finish: Apply cream to face and neck.
  • Once a Week – Yellow Light for Redness:
    1. Clean: Clean face.
    2. Apply Serum: Apply serum to face.
    3. Treatment: Yellow LED + Cold for 4 minutes on red areas.
    4. Finish: Apply cream to face.
  • Once a Week – Green Light for Edema:
    1. Clean: Clean face.
    2. Apply Serum: Apply serum to face.
    3. Treatment:
      • Green LED + Hot + Vibration for 2 minutes on edema areas.
      • Green LED + Cold + Vibration for 2 minutes on edema areas.
    4. Finish: Apply cream to face.

Device Maintenance:

  1. Clean: Wipe the device with a dry cloth after each use.
  2. Store: Power off the device and place it on the charging stand.

Empire Derma Neck Lift LED Device:

  • Function: Relaxes neck muscles, firms skin, and can relieve pain.
  • How to Use: Apply skin care product, select mode (Red, Blue, or Vibration), and use upwards on skin.

Empire LED Eye Device:

  • Function: Promotes skin regeneration, collagen production, and delivers nutrition for wrinkle care, whitening, and lifting.
  • How to Use: Automatically turns on when in contact with the face, ideal for total skin care at home.

Empire Tech Stem Cell Activated Serum:

  • Benefit: Complements the MARVELOUS system by enhancing its skin rejuvenation effects.

By integrating the MARVELOUS 24K GOLD Skincare Revolution System into your skincare regimen, you can achieve clear, firm, and radiant skin. Visit Adore Estero in Estero, FL, to explore the full range of advanced skincare solutions.

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