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Pores: Understanding Causes & Purpose

Skin pores vary in size and condition, influencing the texture and appearance of our skin. Understanding their role is key to maintaining skin health.

Expert Advice

Our skin is covered in pores, which facilitate breathing and moisture retention. Clogged pores, often caused by excess sebum production, lead to oily skin. Proper skincare, including exfoliation and cleansing, is essential for keeping pores clear and skin healthy.

Care & Restore

Incorporating daily exfoliation, cleansing, detoxification, and moisturizing into your skincare routine is crucial for maintaining clear pores. This process removes debris and toxins, preventing clogged pores and promoting healthy skin.


Paying attention to your pores is essential, especially if you wear makeup, spend time in the sun, have oily skin, or encounter dirt and debris throughout the day. Proper skincare helps keep pores clean, allowing for healthier and brighter skin. While cosmetic products can aid in pore care, consulting with a healthcare professional or skincare specialist is recommended before trying new products.

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