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Pigment: Understanding Causes & Purpose

Pigment gives our skin its natural color and complexion, primarily determined by the presence of melanin.

Expert Advice

Various skin disorders can affect skin coloration. Depigmentation results from a lack of melanin, causing the skin to turn white. Hypopigmentation occurs when there’s minimal melanin, leading to lighter skin, while hyperpigmentation results in darker skin due to increased melanin levels.

Care & Restore

Managing pigment-related conditions requires careful consideration and expert guidance. Consulting with healthcare providers or skincare specialists is essential to determine the best treatment options for individual needs.


Achieving a clean, natural glow that enhances your skin’s pigmentation is a common goal. However, for individuals with pigmentation disorders, this can be more challenging. Various cosmetics and treatments are available to address different pigmentation issues, but it’s crucial to seek professional advice before trying them.

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