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Mastering Oily Skin: Understanding Causes & Solutions

Understanding Causes & Purpose

Do you battle with oily skin? Have you shied away from moisturizers, assuming your skin was too oily? It’s essential to recognize that oily skin could indicate a need for more moisture and hydration.

Expert Advice

Oily skin often results from overactive sebaceous glands, which produce a natural hydration substance called Sebum. However, excess Sebum can clog pores, leaving skin feeling greasy. A simple yet effective remedy is to cleanse your face regularly with a gentle, sensitive skin soap and warm water.

Care & Restore

To combat oily skin effectively, daily face washing with soap and water is crucial. Avoid using washcloths and remember to moisturize. Dry skin prompts sebaceous glands to produce more Sebum, exacerbating oiliness. Maintain clean, hydrated skin consistently to prevent this cycle.


Identifying the root cause of oily skin is key. Determine whether it’s a natural condition or a result of cosmetic products drying out your skin. Consult with your doctor or skincare specialist for personalized advice on treating oily skin and selecting suitable cosmetic products.

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